Saturday, September 5, 2009

Your Call To Action New Zealand!

Hi there,

Things are heating up towards the finish of ‘Following’ Time for the Entirely Kiwi World Famous Promotion.

Today, I’m not going to bore you with crap like ‘I’m definitely the best candidate..’ blah blah blah or I’m experienced with this blah blah blah so vote for me blah blah blah.

Something that is common to both Australian and New Zealand cultures is our sense of humour. We like making fun about each other, especially at sporting events, but we’ll get together afterwards and have a few beers in the pub, have a few laughs, and tell a few sheep jokes.

Actually, here is someone dressed up in a sheep suit at the Gabba during the Australia versus New Zealand Test Match – at the height of summer! (from ABC news). I'm not sure if this person is from Australia or New Zealand.

The reason we take the piss out of each other so much is because we are so alike – but we don’t like to admit it!

I mentioned in my video application that I would wear an All Blacks jersey for 3 months if I scored the job.

However, I’ve gone above the call of duty.

Tomorrow (Sunday 6 September) , I will be appearing in the Brisbane edition of The Sunday Mail wearing my All Blacks jersey AND All Blacks Scarf!

In fact, the photographer just left my place – I felt like a catwalk model, but much heavier.

What’s scary is that I bought my All Blacks jersey on a ski trip to New Zealand in 1990, about 5 sizes smaller ago.

That’s right, but this will only happen if I manage to make the Top 3 – which I’m not in at the moment: AND Entirely Kiwi is silly enough to pick me for the job if the Top 3 beckons.

This is no joke. I’ll keep my word and do this if I get through.

But this can only happen if a large chunk of the 4 million New Zealanders and a small proportion of their 60 million sheep will have to press ‘Follow’ on the right hand side.

You can get a preview of me in the All Blacks jersey tomorrow, but I’d rather much you see me in person.

I know that I might be a bit smelly after 3 months of wearing the jersey, and I’d probably be quarantined if I ever set foot back in Australia, but I think it’s worth it!

I think it’s THAT unlikely, I’m willing to take a punt on this!

So there you go New Zealand – here’s your chance. Let’s see how much the Kiwis really want this to happen!

Click on the ‘Follow’ button on the right hand side!

Catch you soon.


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  1. I'm a follower, wish you good luck and say; Hello from Norway - your welcome over when you're ready for new adventures :-)

    RennyBA's Terella