Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Zealand Language Guide

New Zealand is pretty much the most isolated country on the planet.

I laughed at one ‘Flight Of The Conchords’ episode that had the funniest tourism sign displayed inside the New Zealand consulate.

It said ‘New Zealand – Only 18 Hours From New York’.

I love the tinge of understatement!

New Zealand is great fun though – I’ve been there a couple of times. The people there are friendly, the scenery is inspiring, and beer there is fabulous.

However, because New Zealand is so far away from everywhere else, Kiwis have their own unique bent on the English language, both in terms of slang and pronunciation.

First time visitors to New Zealand can often find the accent almost impossible to understand. In fact, I’ve seen some US TV shows that have been shot in New Zealand for American audiences use English subtitles when the locals speak!

Maybe New Zealand is the Scotland of the Southern Hemisphere!

So I’ve produced my own New Zealand English guide for prospective travellers to New Zealand, which includes the expression, and what it means.


Handle The Jandal - Someone/thing can handle the pressure
Fush and Chups - Ocean animal and food derived from potatoes.
Chilly Bin - Esky, Ice Box
Slicker Pads - The ice bricks you place in a Chilly Bin
Judder Bars - Speed bumps
Cuz - Your cousin, including 1st, 2nd or 400th cousin
Sweet As Bro! - Fantastic, Awesome!

Now that you’re fluent, there’s no excuse now to not visit New Zealand and talk with the locals!

Thanks for reading!

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